Lightness feeling and stability

This alpine snowshoe is perfect for reaching summits.
The Natural Step is associated to “metallic saws” or harsh irons and a light double ribbed frame that grasps vertically in the snow. Its hold in steep slopes is brilliant.






   Auto Gliding System
Pressing the pole on the rear part of the lever is enough to change the position, without bending.
Position surmount an obstacle Walking position Heel step in climbing position

Harsh Irons with Different Saw Teeth

4 steel harsh irons made of 6 spikes are fixed under the frame.
Disposed in 4 different directions to offer best grip, in whatever direction you walk.
Front and rear spikes are longer to always find grip in case of icy snow. They are exchangeable.

   Concept Profil Dentelé

Last complement of this concept is a denticulated frame profile insuring the best grip on any slope, and particularly whilst crossing steep slopes. The design of the teeth has been studied to reduce friction.


Natural Step

This double articulated joint enables the foot to roll-out naturally. The snowshoe is being pulled instead of lifted, it feels a lot lighter.

natural step

  Soft Pad
cale de montee

This central system of the shoe, offers great comfort.
It combines different kinds of plastic components, which can adapt and fit perfectly with the ankle. It can be placed precisely on the top of the ankle through a double regulation system on both sides. Fine adjustments are made through a small lever; opening the binding is easy and immediate.
Those who prefer a simpler model can choose between two other binding types:
- with double buckle adjustment,
- with single buckle adjustment.

Front tightening 45°
cale de montee

A precise and comfortable tensioning of the shoe, through two fastener straps in 45° angle.

This detail is crucial as it enables the perfect hold of the shoe without any point of pressure, as they can be very unpleasant at the end of the day. A real attention is paid to the shape of the foot as it can roll out naturally.

  Shock absorber

Three shock- and noise absorbers are placed below the heel.


  Ease of use and small touches...

The adjustment to the she size occurs in the simplest way, in pushing the heel part towards the shoe


another possibility is to position the number of your shoe size in the little window on the binding plate.

TIPP: The use of mountain or trekking shoes is strongly advised. Soft shoes are advised.
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